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Industries We Serve

We proudly provide metal refining and melting servics to veriety of industries.  In fact anywhere that scrap precious metal is bought from the general public or is a byproduct of manufacturing AGM Metals will melt in your presence and will pay you top dollar for your gold.  The following are some of the industries we serve:


AGM Metals works with different jewelry stores in the Orange County to buy variety of precious metal items.  Many times jewelers will have unusable metals that they cannot sell.  We buy those unwanted items and provide top dollar for them.  We buy gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Jewelry Manufacturers

AGM Metals helps jewelry manufacturers get the most out of every single scrap from their manufacturing process.  We take all the sweeps, polishings and shavings and melt them into actual gold where you can use to manufacture more products, hence producing more dollars.


In this economy gold buying and gold buying parties have been great business. AGM Metals works with retailers to get them top dollar for their precious metals.  We provide stone removal and we melt your gold right in front of you , so you track your gold from weigh in to assay.

Coin Dealers

Sometimes coin dealers find rare coins worth thousands of dollars, but most of the time, coins are worth their weight in gold.  We pay top dollar to coin dealers for their gold, platinum and silver coins.

Pawn Shops

With the economy there are many items being sold or left behind at pawn shops.  AGM Metals works with pawn shops in Orange County to melt those unusable, broken and unsellable jewelry pieces and turn them into profitable bars of gold.

Dental Labs

AGM Metals accepts dental items that contain the gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metals found in the crowns and bridgework, gold grills and teeth, silver scrap from crowns and miscasts.