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About Us

AGM Metals is a family owned and operated business since 1998. Originally a jewelry manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles, the Arabyan family is known for their friendly atmosphere and professional service. But with many people driving to L.A. from Orange County to sell their precious metals, AGM Metals decided to transition from manufacturing jewelry to refining.  Providing the same quality, AGM Metals now serves the Orange County community, offering melting and assaying services, all done in your presence.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Tony Arabyan is continuing his father’s legacy with the knowledge he gained in Los Angeles. Handling all of your refining needs, our number one priority is making our customers feel comfortable. When you have thousands of dollars of gold, you want to see what happens to your product from beginning to end. That is why we’ve made the whole process as transparent as possible.  We weigh, melt and assay your product in your presence. We also accept sweeps, polishing dust, filings and sludge. So why drive to downtown L.A. when you can take care of all of your refining needs here in Orange County?